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  • This is still sad as I've seen from Hackaday's discussion on it with everybody gloating that they got X or Y or that they're going to resell it when others that deserved a chance at the promotion got shot out from the start.
    There has to be some way - some form of genius - that would enable you to review groups and their projects/needs for a sponsorship of some kind. I know I've already had to scrap a project now that I've planned for a couple months - because Free Day was one of my only chances at getting even barebones parts to start it.

  • I ended up stuck at the final submit page even with text-only page style and disabled images on Firefox.
    This was frustrating - I heard about it a month or so ago, had everything planned out on what exactly I'd need to order, and for what? HTTP timeout errors up the wazoo. 20 minutes between page loads. And at the final "submit this order" page... nothing. Absolute nothing.
    I do appreciate the promotion although I recommend SparkFun reconsider their ways of possible sponsorships in the future. I'm sure my now-scrapped project would appreciate that since I could only afford the shipping as it stood for today - and for nothing.

  • Will Free Day limit the max orders per IP address? I've got several teachers from my school's engineering department that are interested in placing their own orders but our school network routes everything from the same IP address.

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