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  • Ok, now I've found realy a bug in the ULP. Write the feeders from 1 to 64 and put id 80 into the next line. The ULP will call it ID 65 and will not show the Part name in the feeder list.

  • It works now. Somehow Eagle hadn't reload the ulp-file. It worked after a restart. It's only a bit confusing that the parts are all turned around and you have to add always 180 degrees.

    Antother thing: How is the workflow with the Chip trays in the front of the machine. Do I have to include them some how in the feeder sheet? After all Parts without feeder are not included into the output file.

  • What do I have to change to get this work with the bigger maschine with more feeders? I've found the line with "int MAX_FEEDER = 30" and changed it to 64 but it still don't insert the feeders with an ID over 30 out of my local document.

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