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  • Am I missing something? cannot get the PiCamera to work when this display is hooked up. running the kernel4dpi_1.2-1_all.deb (was NOOBS kernel before). This with the camera enabled through the raspi-config. Keep getting 'failed to create camera component" in all camera apps/scripts. Also, just switching back to original NOOBS kernel and bypassing this display gets the camera working again. any advice?

  • You'll have a tough time printing in ABS with this. The material has a high tolerance to clump-up and cause airprints if:

    1- the build plate is not heated to exactly 100-110C 2- the build area is not enclosed to prevent drafts causing warping/distortion of the build plate

    We've got over 600 hours with a popular named brand dual-extruder setup (won't say but you can guess) and 100 hours was spent tweaking the settings for ABS.

    Should not be a problem with PLA since it is very forgiving although brittle and limited in strength.

  • I contacted your tech support by the way. thanks

  • I looked at the box again and the only piece of paper was a warranty info paper. Nothing about getting the development software or serial number.

  • How do we activate or obtain the "license to use TI’s Code Composer Studio is included" ? I've got the watch but there was no instructions.

  • So does this watch include the developer clip or just a standard charging clip? the Metawatch.org site says a developer clip is required and $50 !!!

  • Wow, this sucked! I got stiffed by taking the quiz (lost a guaranteed $40) because I kept getting DOS and was presented with only the first question so $10.
    Happy Day was Unhappy for me and a big waste of time. Oh well.

  • SparkFun, don't give into these corporate goofballs! you OWN your name and they don't have a leg to stand on.
    It's utterly shameful the way these lawyer's are out to get the little guys...SHAMEFUL!!!

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