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  • Basically the manufacture has the send a product sample, or some evidence that is is real so no IP is exposed. I think its a true win-win. Groupgets essentially as as a escrow between the manufacture and the buyer to minimize risk to both sides. I would not confuse it with the kickstarter model of pre-paying for an idea before it is ever created. The kickstarter model mostly ends in a loose-loose, as the backer waits for two years, and the creator spends everything on designing it and runs out of funds to actually build it. I think this groupgets get sparked program is ideal for makers. The workflow is make a cool project, friends and others all want one. so setup a GG to batch up an order of 100 or more to reduce the costs. then GG release the funds, order the 100 then ship. And you can pass the shipping to GG so you don't have to hassle with painful shipping logistics. After the 100, if sparkfun likes it, they take over everything non fun (manufacture marketing, shipping, support) so you basically just work on the fun part of adding features to your product to sell more.

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