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  • Thank you Sparkfun
    I heard about freeday from Tekzilla
    I am going to use mine on 6 of the .8ah battery packs and chargers for a dell netbook external battery pack im working on.
    I have an old external Hd case that i gutted.
    I was planning on putting an mk es2.3 12v battery inside and then using a regular cig lighter adpater to power my devices.
    My new plan is to use 3 of the .8ah batts making roughly 11.4+ volts. I can fit all 6 batteries in the case so i wll have a switch to go between the two packs.
    I am new to this battery stuff and i heard someone in the comments of one of the batteries that said something to the effect of not discharging the batteries in series because they dont have the same internal resistance. To me it seems the problem would only be in the charging in series but i dont plan to do that. I will open the case and charge them individually. I will also leave the original leads on each pack when i wire them up so that i can still charge them.

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