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Application Engineer / Programmer



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Dutch, English, some German, some French, some Spanish

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VB.Net, Asp.Net, Arduino, html, Clipper (What is that?)


radio control, electronics, formula 1, travelling



  • Nice to read this history, I looked it up, my first order was from November 1, 2006. This was the welcome text when I registered for my first order:

    Hi JD, Welcome to www.SparkFun.com. Here's what you can do now that we know each other: Permanent Cart Any products added to your shopping cart remain there until you either remove or buy them. Of course we would >prefer that you buy them! Address Book You can store the addresses of friends and family and then ship them gifts with a just a few clicks. Order History You can view all your Spark Fun purchases, past and present, and track the status of your latest orders. Thanks, Spark Fun Electronics

    My first order was an Arduino USB Board (SKU#: Arduino-USB) that costed then $31.95 (order number 13799)

  • It would be wonderfull if all Arduino's (Mini and standard size) were capable of running on both 5V and 3V3. I know what you want to say, can't be done... but the Seeeduino proved otherwise.

  • There were already a few site outages... going fast :0

  • Sorry, there was a typo in my message, corrected now. You've got mail!

  • Anyone using the Arduino IDE, and especially people that are regular users of the Visual Studio IDE, should have a look at Visual Micro. Visual Micro is a Visual Studio IDE add-in that provides full featured Arduino Development in the VS IDE. Even compile and upload can be done from within Visual Studio.
    Since Wiring and Arduino are basically the same, I suppose Visual Micro also works with Wiring.
    More information at: Visual Micro

  • Thailand? Pics (like photo's, not the chip) or it didn't happen.

  • Italy? You want him to take his wife on a honeymoon to a country than is run by a filthy old man, surrounded my naughty girls and where the maffia is flourishing? ;-)
    He should have taken her to The Netherlands.

  • I hope he doesn't end up as Charly Sheen then...

  • Some of the people working for Sparkun really have a talent for something....

  • Will this item come back in stock soon?

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