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  • But these outfits didn't work on Halloween, why on earth did we think they would work for Christmas.

  • I'd make a flexible strip with a 3-axis gyroscope or accelerometer and related components mounted in the middle. Intended to be worn around the wrist, or mounted to an other sort of movable object (using velcro to join the two ends together). Electrical connections along one long edge, maybe contact pads that could be used with alligator clips/tack soldered wires/plugs of some sort. Anyway connection should be designed so it can be sealed with epoxy to make water proof.

    The MPU-6050 seems ideal as it's small, cheap and includes both gyroscope and accelerometer. Plus it has a I2C bus so multiple ones can be chained together.

    If you collect enough of them, you can make your own motion capture suit. Hence reasons for not using ZIF connectors (would fall off) and requirement to seal connections.

  • It's a shame it didn't work out, but putting the money towards the National Tour is a worthy replacement, for now anyway. I'm sure the staff will enjoy their (working) holiday.

    I wasn't well last year so didn't do the entire capacha hell thing, but I have to say 2011's quiz was fun and did a good job of filtering out the leaches. Not to mention the quiz made it a game of skill rather than just a game of chance which solves the Lottery Law problems around the world, not just in the US.

  • Funny I thought Flickr was a photo sharing website, and youtube was a site for making pointless or downright brainless comments about other people's videos.

    Sparkfun on Flickr looks interesting, so I'll use that one at least.

  • No I'm fine, just waiting till the cows come home.

  • Got $40 from the quiz, a common figure it seems. No idea what I'll spend it on yet (projects change), gives the SF staff a break leaving that till later.
    Worked a lot better than last year, a lot more people won something. Server was generally well behaved, hardly any blank pages, just had to refresh occasionally till pages actually loaded.
    Special thanks to the SF I.T. staff, for fixing the server when it broke and reporting its status on IRC.

  • Why the 13th, isn't that kind of jinxing things ?
    Oh well at least its not a Friday.

  • Just drill a hole though the middle of each one. No one is going to try and flog them off as real with a hole right through the core.

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