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  • Come on man, that is a poor argument. Its more likely you'd mis-hear the value than the units. Get some post it notes and a pen next time.
    It should be obvious why powers of 10 on scope scaling is not used, it is a visual instrument. Thankfully the units themselves (volts) are metric.

  • Good point, just friction then. Push or tilt the bolt to increase.
    I tried to find dimensions for DIN603 M3 carriage bolt, couldn't find any specifics but it doesn't seem like it would work. Could also use a T bolt which would have a rectangular head.
    Presumably it was a cost/availability decision to use the simpler style bolt.

  • Yes a syringe will work fine, but takes more practice to get consistent results:

  • If you are making more than a few pieces, you would want to look into designing your own PCB. The IC can be purchased from Digikey or Linear for about $5.

  • Its still a part, not a system or even a product.
    Motherboards use many component types already sold on this site.

  • Google tin pest/tin wiskers. Due to the extra additives in this mix, it shouldn't have these problems. But I don't think anyone knows for sure yet.
    The mix is called "Castin" and more info can be found on
    This is their test info, which of course makes it look great:

  • Backlight off doesn't seem to work (at least with the source code zip provided).
    backlight_counter is being incremented and then checked if its equal to brightness_setting, which will never occur if brightness is 0. So off is the same as 100%.
    Although I suspect the intention was to disable the timer interrupt if brightness_setting = 0?

  • ATxmega includes an internal 32.768kHz oscillator accurate to +/- 0.5%, and a 2 or 32MHz accurate to +/- 1.5%. This is suitable for serial communication.
    You could add that external crystal if you want higher accuracy for something like timekeeping.

  • MSP430 is also connected to the GPS (?) 2x7 header on the edge of the board.
    There is a blank vertical PCB with some sticky foam on it, and a 6 pin connector near by. Any ideas?

  • Has anyone received this yet, or better yet got it working? :) Another user has guessed this is the GPS module for the $6 back closet item. Please post if you have any info.

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