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  • Come on man, that is a poor argument. Its more likely you'd mis-hear the value than the units. Get some post it notes and a pen next time.
    It should be obvious why powers of 10 on scope scaling is not used, it is a visual instrument. Thankfully the units themselves (volts) are metric.

  • Good point, just friction then. Push or tilt the bolt to increase.
    I tried to find dimensions for DIN603 M3 carriage bolt, couldn't find any specifics but it doesn't seem like it would work. Could also use a T bolt which would have a rectangular head.
    Presumably it was a cost/availability decision to use the simpler style bolt.

  • Yes a syringe will work fine, but takes more practice to get consistent results:

  • If you are making more than a few pieces, you would want to look into designing your own PCB. The IC can be purchased from Digikey or Linear for about $5.

  • Its still a part, not a system or even a product.
    Motherboards use many component types already sold on this site.

  • Google tin pest/tin wiskers. Due to the extra additives in this mix, it shouldn't have these problems. But I don't think anyone knows for sure yet.
    The mix is called "Castin" and more info can be found on www.aimsolder.com
    This is their test info, which of course makes it look great: http://www.aimsolder.com/pdf/Lead-Free%20Alloy%20Reliability%20Information.pdf

  • Backlight off doesn't seem to work (at least with the source code zip provided).
    backlight_counter is being incremented and then checked if its equal to brightness_setting, which will never occur if brightness is 0. So off is the same as 100%.
    Although I suspect the intention was to disable the timer interrupt if brightness_setting = 0?

  • ATxmega includes an internal 32.768kHz oscillator accurate to +/- 0.5%, and a 2 or 32MHz accurate to +/- 1.5%. This is suitable for serial communication.
    You could add that external crystal if you want higher accuracy for something like timekeeping.

  • MSP430 is also connected to the GPS (?) 2x7 header on the edge of the board.
    There is a blank vertical PCB with some sticky foam on it, and a 6 pin connector near by. Any ideas?

  • Has anyone received this yet, or better yet got it working? :) Another user has guessed this is the GPS module for the $6 back closet item. Please post if you have any info.

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