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  • Wikipedia also tells us about Internet censorship in South Korea: I'm pretty sure you don't want US to be 'up there' with them. ;-)

  • It is sad to see how many people completely miss the point. Net neutrality is not about shaping your Internet access speed. It is about regulating your Internet access based on the content you're trying to access. First of all, to implement it requires more resources (more computing power and storage), software development, management interfaces, processes. And all these costs WILL be passed down to the customers. We will all pay the same (as today) for less service or more (than today) for the current level of service. Second - and this is the BIG elephant in the room: once you get a control mechanism in place, it is open for abuse (history is abundant with examples). What guarantees will we have that certain content (undesired by certain companies/parties) won't be shaped to 4 baud? Or less. The choice of what data you consume goes from your hand to the hands of ISPs and their big financial backers. Kiss goodby impartiality. It was nice while it lasted. This is one massive trojan horse designed to chip away (even more) at our liberties (all in the name of more profits). "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

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