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No Such Nick

Member Since: January 6, 2010

Country: United States

  • As far as i can tell freePCB is only a layout editor, right? Eagle has both schematic and layout, and i usually spend a couple of hours on the schematic, before i even start the layout. To me it also seems a lot easier to change pin assignments in a abstract schematic view, rather than in the layout directly. I would love to have an editor that allows me more than 2 layers, and i've been looking at kiCad, but so far if i just want to quickly build something, i always come back to eagle.

  • Two ideas for next years event: Option 1: If you want to really test your servers make it some kind of easter egg hunt. During visits of your pages there is a random chance you get a button that says "claim your free price", when you click it you get your price. To make sure it is not botted just make sure there is no detailed information on how it will look beforehand. While i could write a bot in 6 hours to reload pages and click, i would first need to win, to find out what to look for.

    Option 2: To prevent bots make some kind of mini game out of it. For example have different images on the page and say something like "Click on the arduino", "Click the one the transistor" ... Or make us chase the ok button with our mouse. Just make sure to take the most common disabilities into account.

  • My main problem last year was that, i didn't know wether it was fun or not, because i never saw anything but error pages. While i didn't particularly like captchas, this year was a huge win for me, because it was the first time that i acutally saw the sparkfun page and not just some error message

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