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  • The RC sailboat was an example derived from a project of a study group of mine. I used the sparkfun WIFI module on a board designed by me:
    The android app(designed by the IT guys):
    The board contains a ATMEGA2560,ADXL345,IDG500,FT232,space for a zigbit module and most of the importent stuff broken out; I2C, SPI, UART. A video of the boat:

  • Where did the challenging projects go? I am always following the news articles here, it’s a great tutorial I confess, but the e textiles are getting al little boring. How about a android controlled RC sailboat? Too bad there are no Sparkfun products inside accept the WIFI antenna and cable. Not to criticize to much i just hope to see challenging project, some projects who can tickle the starters and show the awesome things u can do with the technology instead of the products.

  • Is that the cute face? @ 2:30

  • Even without me posting this gravatar already knows the MD5 of my mail adres (from a post I made on another item). Now al they need is an other site that is stupid enough to give my adres to them and they can start sending me spam.
    On the other hand, there are al lot of other ways to track surfing behavour so why should I complain?

  • How about a good old watchdog timer on the HDD activity LED to control reset button on every server (6). Yust kidding, I had a great time!

  • I doubt that you know any other company doing anything like this, I even doubt that you are satisfied by anything other than thing yourself (and even have doubts on that).

  • Xbee controlled slaves! Good job!

  • How about a meter for imaginary impedances (6).

  • Than you are realy good with HEX or ony using arduino's?

  • How about FPGA's, VHDL is no firmware :-P, but almost everything is possible.

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