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  • Not sure if this is the cause of your issue, but I've noticed 32U4 based boards often get assigned different serial ports when reset. So when reset for programming, they'll come back on a different port than the one the IDE is expecting and so it just times out. Probably doesn't have much to do with the 32U4 as it does with Windows or whatever OS you're using.

    Regarding the 32U4 in general, I really like them. So much easier to design around vs. a 328p since you need so much fewer components to work into a board. And they're inexpensive enough to use even when you don't need all the I/O pins.

  • Thanks for the reply, it sounds great and I look forward to reading more. I have a few ideas in various stages of development, and the most daunting part for me to think about is definitely manufacturing, which I have zero experience with. Having help there would let me devote more focus to the idea itself.

  • I'm sorry, I'm still unclear as to how your service works. Do you help arrange manufacturing? Assembly? Packaging? Design? Or do you just vet the projects for feasibility and handle the transfer of funds from backers to manufacturers/project creators? It seems the biggest point of failure of the Kickstarter model is manufacturing - both optimizing the design for manufacturing and navigating the unforeseen (to the inexperienced) issues and delays that arise during manufacturing. It's not clear if your service is more on the developer's side - using experience to help successfully navigate the development and manufacturing process, or on the backer's side - increasing the likelihood for success by simply vetting a developer's project and manufacturing arrangements.

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