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  • I agree about the use of safety glasses while soldering, as there have been a few times when I've been soldering and parts have slipped, causing small amounts of solder to be flung into the air, a few times towards my head. I always wear them now.

    Curiously, I don't really see any mention of proper ventilation while soldering. Even if you are using lead-free solder, the fumes are still toxic, and young children like the girl depicted in the photo are especially vulnerable. It is easy enough to provide adequate ventilation. I have a 440 CFM blower fan in my shop which I've connected a length of dryer hose to, and it completely sucks out any fumes that come off while I'm working. Maintaining good air quality while working on projects is a great lesson to instill on young children!!

  • The link to PhoneBloks in the article is wrong (links to Project Ara page). PhoneBloks page address is:


  • If this doesn't get me the attention I deserve, nothing will...FOR REEL!!

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