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  • And I wouldn't be complaining one whit if that were the case DerekG because that's how it's supposed to work.
    But when a ton of people can't even get the website to load yet it advances but $2k or more each time they see the page then something is awfully wrong.

  • I tried from the moment it opened until the moment it closed ALL morning and not once could I do anything but have my cart timeout when I tried to buy it.
    I'm unemployed and this was a chance to get some stuff for me to hack on to keep my skills fresh. I don't have the money to buy at the regular costs so this really had me hoping.
    Instead I'm out in the cold like so many others because SparkFun didn't realistically plan for this bandwidth crunch. And anybody who says they couldn't predict it is naive. I can bet quite a number of them know what the Slashdot effect is and what a DDoS is and could foresee the end results here.
    FAIL SparkFun. FAIL.

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