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  • I got 3 orders in, received 3 LilyPads. For me, better than 3 twinkle kits. One oughtn’t complain about almost free stuff, but by my figuring 3-of-a-kind is a less than 0.1% chance, all 3 different is about a 72% chance. I’m skeptical about the randomness of the selection process. I did pause my orders to combine shipping, don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

  • I was going to suggest that you intentionally release the goodies in tranches next time. Since that’s covered, how about auto-combining shipping?

  • Yet Another C-Like Language is definitely a turn off. Why not JavaScript, Python, Lua?

    Mandatory subscription cloud service is a total deal breaker. For my needs, a $$$ server license would be tenable, requiring an always-on connection to the outside internet would not.

    Too bad, it seems like a great product otherwise.

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