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  • I get your point, but your comments aren’t entirely true. Using FOSS is different than writing FOSS. A [good] FOSS user should submit bug reports should any be encountered, but this doesn’t make you a writer.
    Developing with FOSS also does not necessarily make one an FOSS writer (depending upon the restriction of the software agreement, but as far as I know, most, if not all have no such EULA statement).
    However, it does seem you are indeed an FOSS developer (QuasiCMS, nice piece of work there it looks like), w00t!
    Not bashing, just posting my thoughts… Actually didn’t read the comment thread, just yours. Don’t you feel special?!

  • Google has an awesome patent service. It allows you to view patents in full, in a particularly pretty format, and doesn’t require registration to get at the goods.

  • I don’t think I could get a way with spending time at work doing such things, let alone have them posted to a company website for public viewing.
    Very cool indeed. SFE and the creations.


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