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  • some posters seem to think they're entitled to something for nothing, and that they've been wronged in some way because they didn't get it.
    Nobody said or implied that. That's the very definition of a strawman.

  • greem: Looks like most of the post-free-day comments fit into one of the following categories.
    1. "I didn't get to place my order. What a joke! We've all got it into our heads that we've a god-given right to free stuff, and SparkFun have cheated us!"
    We'll just ignore this lot.

    I don't think anybody said or even implied anything about a "god-given right to free stuff"; that is a complete strawman.

  • Well, that was a fantastic waste of time. 2 hours of futilely hitting refresh and 100% packet loss on ping.
    It does however raise an interesting question: what is the net result of having a ridiculous number of people who previously did not know who you are learn about your site for $100,000, but with 99% of them having their only impression of your site being an hour or two of annoyance and frustration?

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