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  • I’d like some info on the bootloader present on these boards, are you using the arduino zero code, or did you create your own, and if the later, where is the source? I’d also like the instructions for updating/replacing/repairing the bootloader should it get bricked.

    I’m thinking of buying one of these boards, but actually I’d like to see a version based on the SAMD21J18 part (64 pin). That much flash and ram is just crying for more I/O pins, and a “MEGA” footprint version with this cpu would be nice. I’m kinda wondering how to hack together something like that myself, hence the bootstrap questions.

    One more thing, 19K code just for the blinky sketch? True that’s only 4% of the code space, but the same sketch on an AVR would be a LOT smaller. Where’s the overhead?

  • I looked at the product pages for the “sam” boards. You don’t know how to spell “schematic”!

  • That was TOO easy! found him right away. You should have placed him further from the post card! Very clever!

  • Dr. Shawn Who! I love it!

  • OK, I’m guessing Shawn was listening to “Light my Fire” by the Doors.

    OH and PLEASE put the details of Shawn’s hack on line including the hookup with the two or three other boards he used and the source code.

  • Zefram Cochrane’s first attempt at warp drive during his Sparkfun days.

  • No mention of what those extra connectors on the ethernet shield board are for. Schematic shows SPI and TWI labels for them, are they buffered extensions or what?

    Guess I should have watched the video first. Tinker kit? Going to have to google that.
    Hey Robert got thrown out of the studio? I like the look of the factory floor though.

  • HA! Putting EDISON modules on sale on TESLA’s birthday! Bet the old man is rolling over in his grave! I like your sense of humor!

  • The wax casting wasn’t necessary. You could have done the initial print in PLA and then encased that in the plaster investment. The PLA could then be burned out in the same way that the wax was, although a bit higher temperature would have been required (could be done in the same furnace that you melted the aluminum in).

  • I didn’t see any tire tracks on the wall, but I’m sure SOMEONE is going to try using a bicycle on that speed trap!

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