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  • And for Reprap builders, where does the Mega fit in? Perhaps Sparkfun should come out with a Redboard-Mega? I’d buy one in a heartbeat, especially if you guys figure out a way to make some of the uncommitted I/O pins on the atmega2560 available via pads or an extra connector somewheres that doesn’t get in the way of existing shields.

  • It just got worse, the IDE has been forked (f@#ked?) LLC has put a pop up in v1.6.x that warns you whenever you plug in an SRL board that it ins’t supported. SRL has forked the ide and now offers a 1.7.x version! Now it gets confusing as to WHICH version of the IDE you need to use for a given board, ie: 1.0.x, 1.6.x or 1.7.x!

    All this backstabbing is going to KILL off Arduino. Guess Teensy and Wiring may inherit the earth?

  • Looks like Lulzbot has standardized on the Hexagon hot end.

  • Sparkfun’s resident Magician demonstrates his amazing powers of levitation!

  • I know that it’s more expensive doing business in NYC. But Adafruit does carry many products that are reasonably priced (some similar to SF products are cheaper than yours too).

    My point was that AF is selling the model B, and B+ at the same price that SF is selling the 2B. They are getting a premium on the newer one. Maybe they want to sell out their stock of the model B, and B+ and ONLY carry the 2B.

    In the end, the RPi may be a loss leader, you get to sell lots of add on products that you CAN get a good markup on!

  • Hey that’s tempting!

  • Once you get these back in stock you will be about $5 cheaper on these than Adafruit. (How dare they charge a $5 premium on the 2B over the B+!) Good for you Sparkfun!

  • It should be pointed out that Lutzbot has some EXCELLENT user manuals up on their site that describe how to use both Cura and Slic3r in great detail. The manual is slightly slanted toward their printers, but is very general purpose in nature. No mater what printer you use, you should download their manuals, it is a very good reference for the software.

  • Lutzbot printers look like they are built like tanks. I don’t understand why they are using 3mm filament when almost everyone else seems to have switched over to 1.75mm (not that it would make a difference in the quality of your prints). Sure the Printerbot siimple mettal is less than half the price with the same build envelope, but without upgrades it can ONLY print PLA while the Lutzbot Mini can print almost ANY material out of the box. Still for that price they should have included an LCD panel with SD card interface.

    BTW if you look closely at those photographs you will see they used a custom version of the Hexagon hot end in this product. This hot end should do a lot better with PLA than the one that comes standard with the TAZ.

  • Didn’t we already go past the Van Allen belts when we landed on the moon? Also what about the voyagers? Been there and done that I think!

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