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  • It should be pointed out that Lutzbot has some EXCELLENT user manuals up on their site that describe how to use both Cura and Slic3r in great detail. The manual is slightly slanted toward their printers, but is very general purpose in nature. No mater what printer you use, you should download their manuals, it is a very good reference for the software.

  • Lutzbot printers look like they are built like tanks. I don’t understand why they are using 3mm filament when almost everyone else seems to have switched over to 1.75mm (not that it would make a difference in the quality of your prints). Sure the Printerbot siimple mettal is less than half the price with the same build envelope, but without upgrades it can ONLY print PLA while the Lutzbot Mini can print almost ANY material out of the box. Still for that price they should have included an LCD panel with SD card interface.

    BTW if you look closely at those photographs you will see they used a custom version of the Hexagon hot end in this product. This hot end should do a lot better with PLA than the one that comes standard with the TAZ.

  • Didn’t we already go past the Van Allen belts when we landed on the moon? Also what about the voyagers? Been there and done that I think!

  • I’ve heard that most ATX supplies currently being sold no longer require the resistor across the 5v line to power up. YMMV on this, but it was the case with the last supply I tried that delivered a measured 12.3v with no load. That might be just about right because under full load it might be expected to drop 300mv due to an internal current sense resistor. Note that there may be a brown wire next to the 3.3v orange ones that needs to be connected to the 3.3v lines. This would be a voltage sense line, I didn’t check the schematic here closely enough to see if that was included. Might be similar sense line for the 5v supply as well.

  • In my face, actually never. (I have had part leads fly in that direction while clipping the excess with cutters though!). However I have had excess solder drip off and land in my lap (while wearing shorts!) I guess you should always wear long pants (and NO SANDLES!) or an apron while soldering! Also don’t solder anything that has been glued into place with superglue or you will melt out your eyes from the fumes!

  • Ok, I know Kristi is only posing for the photograph, and I can’t tell if the soldering iron is actually powered on, but she should be watching what she’s doing or she’ll burn herself!

  • With a proper filament drive gear, this motor would be perfect for a direct drive extruder for a 3D printer.

  • Wow, you mean you guys are using the same old analog model TEK ‘scope that I am ('453-4)? I guess these old warhorses never die!

  • Well with a long lens you might not even need the drone! When I was flying as a private pilot I often took my Nikon with me and did aerial photography. I once buzzed a nudist colony, but at the 500' minimal legal altitude you can’t see much even with a 200mm telephoto.

  • The regs need to be a bit less draconian. Flights below 50-100' over the owner’s property (or a client’s property) should be unregulated. The only reason to stick a commercial sticker on such uses is to require a license with the associated fees for revenue generation. Taking aerial photos with a drone might become illegal for commercial uses, yet would still be legal with a tethered balloon. Stupid!

    OTOH flights over private property should be illegal without the owners consent. Someone who spots a drone over his back yard while his wife was sunbathing nude should have every right to shoot the damn thing down and charge the operator as a peeping tom!

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