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  • I think the best of both worlds would be to sell the boards without the header pins soldered in, BUT to include the header pin strips with the board. The best way to attach the pins is to plug them into the breadboard and then set the PC board onto the pins and then quickly solder the pins onto the board (quickly so you don’t melt the bread board!). This way they get attached nice and straight!

    Note that some of your boards have extra pads to access IC pins that are NOT brought out to the breadboard pins, IE: the Arduino pro mini allows access to the SPI pins and two extra Analog inputs that are NOT at the board edges.

    The Teensy 3.2 is even worse, there are almost as many I/O pins on the bottom as on the edges! (Someone does make a special adapter to get to all of them that DOUBLES the number of breadboard pins! Wish you carried it!)

  • Why is the Redstick $5 more than the Redboard? It looks like it should be cheaper to make.

  • If you guys do it right, I guess Inventory day could be a real team building experience (I suppose you send out for lots of Pizza!). I shudder to think about things getting misfiled and lost in the frenzy though, towards the end of the day people are going to get a bit ‘punchy’. I also imagine that you find a lot of stuff you forgot you even had, which then ends up in the next dumpster dive. Hey WHY is inventory day AFTER the dumpster dive, should be the other way round!

  • OK I assume the DD starts the instant you guys open for business on 1/12 ? (Which would be 11AM EDT right?) Looks like this will be a cyber-Tuesday!

  • Santa crab ninja assuming defensive posture.

  • I’d like some info on the bootloader present on these boards, are you using the arduino zero code, or did you create your own, and if the later, where is the source? I’d also like the instructions for updating/replacing/repairing the bootloader should it get bricked.

    I’m thinking of buying one of these boards, but actually I’d like to see a version based on the SAMD21J18 part (64 pin). That much flash and ram is just crying for more I/O pins, and a “MEGA” footprint version with this cpu would be nice. I’m kinda wondering how to hack together something like that myself, hence the bootstrap questions.

    One more thing, 19K code just for the blinky sketch? True that’s only 4% of the code space, but the same sketch on an AVR would be a LOT smaller. Where’s the overhead?

  • I looked at the product pages for the “sam” boards. You don’t know how to spell “schematic”!

  • That was TOO easy! found him right away. You should have placed him further from the post card! Very clever!

  • Dr. Shawn Who! I love it!

  • OK, I’m guessing Shawn was listening to “Light my Fire” by the Doors.

    OH and PLEASE put the details of Shawn’s hack on line including the hookup with the two or three other boards he used and the source code.

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