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I’m a software engineer who loves to build robots.

  • Existing color options = awesome. More color options = even more awesome!

  • Haha thanks - it’s an easy one to misspeak/mistype

  • silicon

    Silicon or silicone?

  • Can you tell us more about the sealing on the sides of the device? It looks to be filled in with some white substance. If you don’t have specifics on the material or ingress protection standard, perhaps impressions as to what it seems to act like? I’m trying to get a rough guesstimate as to its moisture-proof-ness.

  • Does anyone know if the XBee product line can be used as an 802.15.4 packet sniffer? I’m curious if this could be used to debug another 802.15.4 product.

  • This board would be amazing if the PWM outputs from the Atmega were broken out to a header. That way you could use it as the brain for a drone or other vehicle.

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