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As a member of the R2 Builder's Club, I'm building my own droid. R2-AL. This is my first step into robotics. Actually, it's one small step for robotics, one giant leap for me!


R2 Builder's Club Order of the Grey (Star Wars) SG-14 (Stargate) hopefully soon 501st, as Imperial Officer and Jawa

Spoken Languages

English, mumbojumbo

Programming Languages

Learning Arduino and Propeller


hammer and nails, dremel tool. want to learn soldering (I suck at it, but learning and practicing)


recreating movie robots/droids



  • I just got a BadgerStick from NoCo Maker Fair this past weekend. I downloaded the Codebender but I have no idea how to read code (and no time to learn at this point). Can we use the ArduBlock with the BadgerStick? I can read that better than the actual coding. I'm also assuming we can embed code from one source into another? And is there any way to save what's on my stick when using Codebender? Every time I insert it into my laptop's USB it wipes out what was there and does a test "Hello World" scrolling message. This is truly annoying since I lost everything that was programmed on it this past weekend (I did manage to get back my scrolling name using a tutorial on Codebender, but lost my cool exploding Death Star, arches scrolling from corner to corner, and all the lights on all at once that one of your volunteers programmed into it). On that note, I was expecting some kind of online interface like the big one you had with all the big buttons that made the graphics. Your volunteer would just push the buttons, no programming that I saw. I'm not a programmer (and never wanted to be one), so anything to help me with this BadgerStick that is simple to use would be appreciated.

  • I'm not sure if you guys were PCI compliant by stating that you were "testing" the servers with the public. If you have credit card info (shopping cart) you must test on a test server. I'll be surprised if your server doesn't have a few viruses because at least one out of the 100K was a hacker! Makes me wonder just how safe your shopping cart really is now! Am I upset because I didn't get anything? No. Just upset at how it was done. For those of us that were up very early with shopping carts already full, we should have had first chance, but it was a "lottery" (and I absolutely cannot stand "lotteries" at all, so I won't participate again!). For me, it was the whole "test servers" crap that I don't buy into, and you should not have tested your servers on us or advertised as such.

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