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  • I can confirm EPO Webster does have Sparkfun products (Wogster) pointed this out. I have not been to EPO houston yet.

  • Sure does. I have bought a couple of Sparkfun items from them. They don't carry enough Sparkfun products tough.

  • I would love to have Sparkfun in more stores. I would actually love a stand alone Sparkfun store. I would be glad help out with that.

  • No, they don't tweet, but thanks for asking.

  • got Sparkfun?

  • Does Sparkfun ever plan to offer online classes? or at the least post the material covered at the class? I would pay for either.

  • no so well with the protoshield, other shields may fit better. The 330 ohm resistors are touching the top of the caps and the pins just barely make contact.

  • I still see guys using basic stamps. I understand and have experienced the lack of Arduino's ability. My thinking was that the Ardunio is a simple and effective development tool, which is what it was designed to be. I read a lot of people trashing the Arduino for its simplicity and performance. As an electronics technician, I have used Arduinos in several engineer's projects, as well as my own projects for cost and ease of use. I have also built/designed projects around FPGA and ARM processors , even z80 SBCs. I don't understand the need to look down on a functioning tool, it is like scoffing at a pencil because you have to use a sharpener instead of clicking a button. If it works, it works. /rant

  • So does this move help to legitimize Arduinos with the engineering community as a valid tool?

  • I really don't know why, but I like the fact that this uses the FTDI Basic. The USB plug on the UNO and others seems antiquated to my brain, like I am plugging into a printer. Don't ask me why, I wouldn't know how to answer. To me, the pins make it look more complex than it is, and it keeps in tradition with the Arduino Pros i already own; plus, like jrossetti said, Sparkfun Red is a nice touch. Thanks for making this version Sparkfun.

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