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  • As will I and nearly everyone else who is a current customer, not to mention all the new customers brought in by this brilliant promotion. The only customers sparkfun will be losing are the ridiculously unappreciative ones who are boohooing over not winning a contest that was free to play. They should remember… MOST people who play did not win. Such is the nature of a randomized drawing.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s amazing that SparkFun did something so extraordinary, and the “SparkFun loyals” suddenly have an overwhelming sense of entitlement, as though SparkFun OWES them something. So what if somebody you don’t approve of gets $100 worth of free stuff and you didn’t ? you’re not the one giving the money away. Besides, it’s only $100! If you can’t afford to spend $100, then you probably haven’t spent much with SparkFun in the past.
    Everyone knew only about 1,000 people were going to get a Free Day order, leaving many people empty-handed. And as much as this was intended to be an act of thanks for existing members, it was very much a genius marketing stunt to acquire new members.

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