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  • I am a college student who truly needed the things I ordered. I had ordered some 3 color LED's a few months back for prototyping for a project (which I never ended up using in the final design). So I am still a new customer. And yes I jumped on the free wagon. So do you think I should have denied from participation in free day?
    Its impossible to weed out all the undeserving people, but make things too strict and you will weed out deserving people in the process.

  • Sparkfun staff,
    I am so thankful that you had a free day, I got the intermediate tool kit which I needed for school (and for my own projects) And I got the clockit for fun. But my teacher said we need to get our own soldering and debugging tools, and after paying for school I have so little left. I can not afford to get any food more expensive that Ramen noodles, or hot dogs made from who knows what. But this sale made it possible for me to get the supplies I needed for my education.
    So from now on when ever I need a part, I would normally get it from a different website (Hint it starts with 'D') but from now on I will buy my parts from you, because I am so thankful for your generosity and your way of thinking.
    As a gift for your free day generosity, I give you a lifetime patron to your website. And I am advertising everywhere I can for now (on gmail and facebook status).
    I hope that free day will happen again in the future...
    Thank you,

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