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  • "Penny" "Penny" "Penny"

    You know you can't resist. Post the vids when you do. :o)

  • Typical.. the week after I order two of the "Bi-Colour" ones, you come out with this.. (sigh).

  • Yourself.
    You opted to try/play the game. Nobody forced you to.

  • I would argue that this was a lottery. You had just as much chance of getting through (in theory) as anyone else. There was no bias (that I'm aware of) for being in line last week, versus 30 minutes into the event. There was no bias for people who have never purchased from SF before, or those who spends thousands quarterly.
    Perhaps people didn't realize that it was a lottery when they started.
    Sure.. it would have been less stressful if you got a page within the first couple of seconds that said "you didn't win" versus "timeout trying to reach server", but ultimately it was the same result.

  • To those who complain: Do you mutter and whine if your lottery ticket isn't the winner?
    Do you threaten to leave your cable/cellphone supplier when they offer amazing discounts to "new users" and leave the existing customers ignored?
    Just food for thought.
    Me? I didn't get be it. I'm interested to see the stats to see who (and where) the successful candidates came from. One observation for anything similar in the future. A lot of the pages seemed to advance via a "javascript" button. This meant that not only did you have to be lucky enough to get the first page to render (without a timeout), but the javascript link would have to work as well... or you would be back to having to refresh the original page. As I understand it this means the user had to manage not one but two "successful" HTTP requests (in a row) in order to advance from one page to the next. Again.. something to think about should there be another (similar) event.

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