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  • trevorshannon,

    Thank you, you are my hero! After “making do” (via very heavy filtering) with three of these noisy accelometers last year (4/2012) for a STEM activity, I took a chance and bought 4 more this year (4/2013). The new ones were STILL just as noisy. (They are more notably noisy at 100Hz, btw.) But, with the four new ones I was able to re-program them as per your directions and suggestions, and now they work perfectly!

    As a note of general interest, however, I think there is some difference between the 2012 batch and the 2013 batch… I could successfully re-program the 2013 batch using your directions, but trying to re-program the 2012 batch in the exact same way yielded an “avrdude: stk500_getsync()” error. (The AtMega328P on the 2012 batch was labeled “AU 1110”, whereas the chip on the 2013 batch was labeled “AU 1224”.)

    Thanks again!

    (And hopefully SparkFun will someday start shipping this product with patched firmware!)

  • I bought 3 of these, and planning to buy more, to support an upcoming STEM activity, but… I’m finding a huge amount of noise on the data outputs. It seems like the X,Y, and Z channels get mixed up a lot. When it works, it is great, but in an overnight test, roughly 50% of the data was garbage. The github Wiki gives the source code and mentions that it can be reprogrammed easily using an Arduino programmer. And if I can reprogram it, I can debug the issue and move on. But, I’ve failed so far at reprogramming it. I’ve tried using both the Arduino Development Environment and WinAVR (I’m new to both of them), but in both cases avrdude never successfully connects. Has anyone successfully reprogrammed this device? If so, can you tell me what “avrdude” settings I should be using? (Seriously, this is for STEM… It’s for the kids!)

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