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  • I did forget to mention that I was running it at 24V, which is above your 18V rating. Replaced the cap and cut the trace to Vin. Arduino was run from separate supply. It was also used with another shield on top, which doesn't help the convective cooling of course.

    Maybe add your 1.1A continuous figure to the description, with the test conditions, that gives people more of an idea what to expect:)

  • Following information is missing:

    • Max voltage without modifications is 18V (Sparkfun, you should make the connection to Arduino Vin disconnectable and C3 rated for 63V, so it can be used up to 40V, as is allowed by the chip)

    • 4A?? Mine reaches 60°C on top of driver chip (ambient 26°C) with a continuous load of 100mA per channel. Please provide realistic current figure or improve board layout. Even better, make a mosfet-based one.

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