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  • Agreed, supporting charities that work to create the inclusive environment we want seems like a great way to go and makes sense regardless of whether there was discrimination in this individual case.

  • Good point. I should have left off that first sentence. Lynching is over the top in retrospect but the risk of being aggressively flamed is definitely there :)

    By the way, I support Sparkfun making this choice for itself and really wanted to understand what was going into it. I strongly condemn any kind of discrimination and harassment as well. My concern was really that it's a little chilling that any company accused even falsely of any kind of discrimination will be harmed by it, and if that's true, then to harm a company, all one needs do is accuse.

    (edit: neurdy points out above that there's a newer blog post that goes into some of the errors in judgement so there were good reasons for Horvath to resign that have nothing to do with sexism)

  • At the risk of being publicly lynched, I have to ask. Github's investigation found that sexist retaliation and hostile work environment claims were unfounded. In other words, these were untrue claims made in an attempt to harm github's CEO and perhaps github itself. Why should Sparkfun have concerns about working with a company whose former leadership was falsely accused of sexism?

    Or is Sparkfun and Ada initiative and so on taking the view that Github is wrong or lying about the findings?

  • Aha, I misread the IR bit, (doh). Also @stephen, good idea on temp. A low-power micro with this gate, a thermistor, and some kind of RF transmitter (xbee?) == realtime brew monitor.

  • Cool idea though, I'm a homebrewer and this would be a cool way to measure yeast activity in some of my beers. Unfortunately I ferment in a dark area (I use glass fermenters and the hops compounds break down unpleasantly in UV or even visible light -- "skunking") so I'd need to use some kind of dim ambient light for the photo gate to pick up the change with the bubble. An LED, maybe.
    If anyone reading this is interested in getting into brewing, the best place to start is: "How to Brew" http://www.howtobrew.com/intro.html -- it's about brewing beer at home, but most of the same techniques and equipment apply to wine.

  • Did you sanitize everything? (water, sugar, and all the equipment that came in contact with your wine?)
    If not, your wine most likely got wild yeast or bacterial infection from unsanitary equipment or from the sugar or even from tap water. Nasty microbes are everywhere and love to eat sugar-water. Only certain microbes actually make something that tastes good.
    You could make some decent tasting wine this way (see http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f79/welchs-grape-juice-wine-21093) if you sanitized your equipment. Immersion in solution of water and iodophor or star san [mostly phosphoric acid] or even bleach would do it. Also you'd want to boil at least the sugar (in a sugar-water solution) and the water. 15 minutes should do it. (for the water, you can just use sterile water like store-bought spring water, but the sugar needs to be dissolved and boiled)
    Of course, if the point was just fermenting something to bubble for the experiment that you didn't intend to drink, mission accomplished. :) Of course, you could have just used sugar-water and bread yeast for that.

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