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  • I have created a video tutorial for this part:

  • I have created a video tutorial for this part:

  • The short options is useful to zero the system minimum resistance if you were to use this as a precision load. But this can’t really offer precision measurements anyway.

  • Unfortunately this is a very poorly designed resistor box with accumulating errors everywhere. This should only be used for rough measurements…

  • The power supply does not need to provide 2.8A. It only needs to provide at most 700mA, actually a lot less since you won’t be running them at the full current.

  • Does anyone know if there is a variety of this LED in a 10mm diffused format?

  • Can someone please comment on the price of these units? Were they always $189? Or where they used to be $99?

  • This would have made the RGB Fiber Communication experiment much easier!

  • Yes, the detector has three identical photo-diodes with red, green and blue optical filter arrays in front of them.

  • The RC filters convert the PWM to analog and thus the constellation is 8-PAM. If I were to leave it as PWM and detect the duty-cycle directly, then the constellation is PWM with 8-duty-cycle. Also, thanks for the kind comments.

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