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  • Sorry, but you play a role inthat. Didn't you watch them measure and cut (or better yet, measure and mark it yourself)? I rarely let them cut, because I have the tools and a vehicle for 8-ft sheets, studs, etc., but when I do, it only take moments to make sure they get it right.

  • The experiments are not thus far supporting Kev's theory of early Transformer evolution.

  • No, Acrobotics, YOU will be assimilated!

  • Not trying to be a grammar nazi, but it may clarify the distinction that some of you are making to note that some of these cases aren't about a past tense verb "pre-drilled", but a participle form (a verb form used as an adjective). Sometimes you MIGHT use it as a verb ("He kindly pre-drilled all the holes for me" = "He kindly drilled all the holes for me before I began") but when one says "this piece has pre-drilled holes". "pre-drilled" is a participial adjective. If it were being used as a past tense verb, I would have to ask "This piece has pre-drilled holes into what?" Then you'd put on a Chicago gangster accent "This piece has pre-drilled holes in Buggsy, Muggsy and Sluggsy, and now it's gonna drill YOU, see?" and things would rapidly go downhill from there.

  • I dunno. You've got Kirk down cold, but that's NOT how I remember "Bread and Circuses"

  • I dunno, Ensign McGee. You have Kirk down cold, but that's not quite how I remember the landing on 892-IV (TOS: "Bread and Circuses" -- bonus points if you caught the hidden Wil Wheaton reference)

  • SeƱor, I think you have a misapprehension of which of us is The Good, The Bad or The Ugly.

  • Welcome to WestWorld where nothing can go wrong... wrong... wrong... (Let's see how many of you are old/geeky enough to really get that one)

  • Oh, BTW, instead of wiring the pad pairs in parallel, wire them in series. This may limit current in some failure modes, and will also mean that each pad sees 6v (worst case 8v) instead of 12-16V. That's much closer to the pads' rated 5v.

  • Just FYI: I don't know 1990 Honda electrical systems, but I've seen foreign cars of that vintage run charging voltage (15.6v) in their nominally 12v electrical lines. I don't know if that was by design or some problem with the individual cars' voltage regulator circuits, but since you said "no problems until 16v"... well, 15.6 is awful close

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