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  • What does JP1 do?
    The SCH says “for usb audio” but what does that mean?
    Some one posted:
    “link J1 behaves in the same way. Link Off = Mass storage mode. Link on = Audio player device. "
    But I’ve left JP1 open and I can play audio (audio device) or dump file to the device (mass storage). If you close JP1, then D6 will go high.
    So then does that mean by closing jp1 you will simply disable the ability to dump files onto the player via USB?
    Is that the only point - basically it is like a write protect?

  • Has anyone compiled the UART code to incorporate a new keymapping? Looks like some work on it has been commented out already in the code.
    I’d like to try it so that the uart interface and the buttons work at the same time.
    Anyone else already tried this?

  • OK, figured it out.
    (boy its dead around here…)

  • I cleared flash. Programmed the image to flash again.
    Serial seems OK because it prints “NOT” constantly since the flash was not formatted. When USB connected it prints “a”.
    This agrees with what it should do.
    However, when it is supposed to be in uart command mode it doesn’t seem to take any input from the terminal.
    I just get the names of the files (onef, twof, threef) and garbage:
    3FTWOF OGG 7<7<Xp;???]
    FONEF OGG 7<7<Xp;??]

  • So if you program it with the UART code from VLSI’s website can you just use a terminal program to test it?
    I programmed the UARTCONTROL - but it prints out “fat” for me when I turn it back on with a terminal programm connected, but then it new lines and prints a “3fat” then a bunch of garbage characters… and then it doesn’t let me type or respond. Not sure why.
    I’m at 115200 etc. com port works to d/l other code etc.
    Any things to look out for specifically? Are there bugs in the demo code or anything?
    Should one not use flash.bat ?

  • Hi Jimb0
    From what I can tell so far it arrives with no boot code on the nandflash. I performed a ‘nandprog’ selecting #2 write ident (no boot code) and nothing seemed to change on the device.
    Is the player application not removable from the device itself? (I.e. do we just do that above step to restore the device to how you guys ship it in button player mode? Or is there code to restore it to the button player state you ship it as?)

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