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  • Even better, any chance of a live stream of some sort, or two ? That would just be awsome icing on top of the awsome cake. And/or perhaps a weekly progress video blog ?

  • Ok so where's this opt-out option ? I see nothing in the profile allowing me to prevent this exposure of my email address to anyone looking at the avatar links. Or any way to allow me to continue using my previous avatar. I am very very disappointed in you Sparkfun.

  • Opt-out is a falacy. If you really want to give the user a choice, make it opt-in, instead of by default giving their information out to a third party, in a way that is proven (see earlier in comments) to expose the actual email address, even of NON gravatar users, not only to a third party, but to ANYONE. This is a huge privacy and security issue.

  • Oh good god sparkfun. PLEASE think and test before you do these things. This may be the biggest privacy/security risk I have seen recently. I gave you guys alot more credit than that. Im even afraid to make this post due to the email exposure. Please at least make this opt-in, not opt-out. Better yet, go back to the way it was w/o exposing the information we give you to a third party.

  • Can I reiterate what everyone else is saying ? Where's the breakout board. I want one of these displays so bad but w/o a breakout board for this connector I have no way to use it. Where's the love sparkfun ?