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  • What is the angular resolution or angular view this camera module? That's not info Sony can provide because it depends on the lens put in front of the chip. You can estimate the angular resolution for your customers by capturing a horizontal or vertical image of a 1 foot ruler at a distance of D >= 10 feet, with the ruler near the center of the image, and then counting the number N of horizontal or vertical pixels taken up by the ruler in the image. The angular resolution near the frame center will then be approximately (1 foot / D feet)*(1000 / N) in units of milliradians per pixel. So if D = 16 feet and N = 250, then we'd have approx 0.25 millirad per pixel near the center of the frame.

  • DJ Shelf doing sound checks for tonight's hootenanny.

  • Seriously, none of you have EVER seen a Miyazaki movie? We'll I wasn't going to come to work on Halloween dressed as an engineer!

  • At SparkFun, team spirit is more than just talk.

  • Penguins in Sweden, really?
    A typical jog on a treadmill at 5 degree slope for an hour might require about 600 kJ of physics work by a person. One should ask how much of that could we reasonable extract. Even if we could extract it all, the power output by the person would be about 170 Watts. Multiply this by a dozen people, and we get close to 2 kW. Not much for anything major, but it could power some computers or TV monitors.

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