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  • In case you're still looking for an answer to your questions... the LED is flat on top, with no dome. It emits light uniformly over almost a full hemisphere.
    And while I haven't driven this LED with the BlinkM MaxM, the MaxM would have no trouble. The MOSFETs on the MaxM are rated for 1A/channel, and this LED is rated for 350 mA/channel. So you could drive three of these RGB LEDs at nearly full power using one MaxM.

  • These are killer RGB LEDs. The three LED cores are very close to one another, so the color mixing is great, with no weird color ghosting around shadows. It is definitely bright enough for indirect lighting projects.<br />
    <br />
    Also, the breakout board is aluminum and is really effective at dissipating heat. With a little thermal paste and a good mounting location, they don't even get warm.

  • Wow, that's a great response. Thanks for the new price.

  • Nice new products! Will the five packs of white LilyPad LEDs (like those for colored LilyPad LEDs) be coming out any time soon? Thanks.

  • It's great to see that you have 5-packs of colored LEDs at a lower price... any word on when a similar white LED 5-pack will be available? I can't wait to start on my project using dozens of white LEDs! Thanks!

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