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  • I bought one of these direct from Seeedstudio and it is a really cool bit of kit. However, the only trigger mode that works properly is AUTO. The first time I used it in anger I wanted SINGLE mode - when the run button is pressed it should wait for a trigger, aquire a screenful and then stop. What it actually does is start the aquisition immediately and then stop, exactly what it would do if in AUTO mode and the halt button is pressed.
    As has already been mentioned, only an early version of the sourcecode is openly available so it isn't practical to dive in and fix this serious bug.
    If you normally use an analog scope (or no scope at all!) then you won't have a problem as you haven't come to rely on storage related features like this. Even if I knew about this problem I would still have bought it as it as it is still a very good product for the price, but with a bit more effort from the programmer it could be awesome. Is FFT analysis too much to wish for :-)

  • Well, that didn't go too well did it?
    "Wow that was fast!"
    No it wasn't. It was painfully slow for tens of thousands of people.
    "Our servers barely stayed up!"
    You clearly have a very different definition of stayed up to me! The servers became to all intents and purposes unusable three hours before the start of free day.
    I think everybody always knew that this promotion was going to be a lottery with only a slim chance of winning, if we had all got a message saying 'sorry, too late' within a few minutes of trying then only the exceedingly ungrateful would be upset.
    It is clear that your servers don't stand a cat in hell's chance of surviving a denial of service attack, something that you should look to rectifying as soon as possible.
    Sorry to be so negative after you guys have been extraodinarily generous, but you have to admit that this event has been a victim of its own success and could have run a whole lot better.

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