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  • a good idea for anyone reading this is to tack-solder all headers in place, then go back and finish the job properly.

  • OK, have a design suitability question for you all. I need to seamlessly bridge a PC device at one end of a house to a serial device (solar inverter) at the other. I need what output would normally appear at the DB9 connection on the inverter to magically appear at the DB9 or USB port at the remote end.
    So if I have two xbees, and use this device at one end, and either another of them or a USB explorer at the other, will that work? I guess my main concern is whether the serial bridge will just take input from the inverter and push it over the xbee network; but when I break it down to that it seems like it should..... but if anyone could confirm that'd be awesome ! :)

  • That e-text screen looks great. But what I really want is a few of those 128x32 graphics LCDs from Kent (their Part # 01594101208). They would be awesome for informational displays around the home !

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