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  • If you offset the SUP500F trace by 2m above ground, it seems to do the best out of all.

  • tetsujin: Clint-: can you use 3.3v on this board or does it only run on the full 5? if its only 5v why does it say 3.3 on the pic? I'm very new to this =)
    They used the same PCB design for both the 3.3V and 5V versions of this board, basically.
    It's important to note that both voltage pins on the shield connector (3.3V and 5V on a full-featured Arduino) are tied together on the Pro. On the 3.3V version they both output 3.3V, on the 5V version they both output 5V. In many cases this is probably fine, but you should be careful of it. If shield hardware connected to the 3.3V pin really can't operate at 5V, then you shouldn't connect it to this board.

    Adding a trace that can be cut (or a 3.3v regulator) to remove power to this pin should be added

  • "Next we have a new breakout board that uses three of our high-intensity cool white Luxeon Rebel LEDs. This breakout board will work with both the narrow and wide triple-LED lenses. These lights are seriously bright!"
    Can you sell the board by itself?

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