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  • Word of caution: Check the voltage that you are feeding to the USB device connected to that shield!
    Using a USB powered UNO will not result in 5V on the USB bus!
    If you are using a UNO make sure to use a 9V power adapter, even if the UNO is connected to your computer via USB.

  • You guys should look at the application note AN1149 from Microchip and implement something similar on your lipo charger that have a system output.
    The way I see it now, the current used by the system is current that should be used to charge the battery and given that Lipo are charged with a constant current, that has to be messing with the charger.
    The suggestion to include some way of turning on the system load is very applicable as well!

  • 0.1" pads on the input side would be a nice addition (breadboard, Polarized molex connectors, etc).

  • Could you please confirm that it uses a mini USB connector and not a micro USB connector?
    PS. I think that your product page should mention it.

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