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  • Hey. So, I purchased one of these back in 2012. It seemed to work fine for a while, but the center black plastic nut on the soldering wand would often slip a thread whenever I used a little pressure on the tip. Leaving me to tighten a hot iron every so often. Till finally it wouldn't stay tight at all and the spring underneath would push it right back off. leaving me with a useless iron for a couple years. I recently had some soldering work to do and went looking for a replacement wand on Ebay. While looking I found one seller offering just the 3 end pieces for sale for just a couple bucks from Hong Kong. (currently $1.83 shipped for 2!) Long story short, it fit perfectly and was a very cheap fix! Two things... first the listing doesn't mention the 937B as there are several models that all use mostly the same design and parts and it does fit. Second, there are also sellers with 'adapter' ends, for adding a different size tip, which you also (probably) don't want. Just search for "handle accessories 937D", from seller "fat-mango". Needless to say, I've been pretty happy with this fix, even though I've only used it for one session so far. There are several other sellers with apparently the same thing and they'll all probably work... but I can only verify the one from the seller I mentioned above. This may be obvious to some people, but until I spotted this item in one of my searches for a replacement wand, I had no idea you could get just the few end pieces for just a couple bucks. Good Luck.

  • You ever figure it out? It's just an Atten 937b that Sparkfun rebadged (and which is itself a clone of the Hakko, but with different irons.) Just search for Atten 907 iron (AT907). NOW BE CAREFUL HERE! The original Hakko only uses 5 pins. The Atten 937b uses 7 pins on the connector. Ebay sellers often seems to list them as if they're interchangeable, but without some work, they're not (I think.) For more details, look down a few pages to laserhawk64 comment on the iron. As far as it goes, you're not the only one that's had problems with the wand. Like someone else mentioned in the reviews (after I bought mine), the plastic nut is a poor match and start slipping easily, which means then any pressure on the tip focuses on the unsupported ceramic element.

  • Seriously... I took part in each of the last two year's free days. They weren't easy, but this one is just painful... I've entered hundreds and hundreds and hundreds (etc, etc) of captchas in over 3 hours so far dedicated to this, and I have to wonder if they're even going through (minus the 1/5 that's wrong or unreadable).
    The other years were tough, but at least there was some indication if it was progressing. This year is just plain strenuous work and now my wrist is acting up. :(

  • Lottery?? :P Better this way where people have to earn it. Offer a lottery and you'll have non-hobbyist come out of the woodwork to sign up for free stuff.

  • What was with the cash giveaway bar display anyway? In the last 15minutes of the giveaway, I finally had some traction and answered a few questions (took all of one minute, all the rest of the time just waiting and resubmitting). In the last 5 minutes it showed around 50% complete on the giveaway bar as my 5th question finally loaded and then it jumped to 100% complete and the was giveaway over! Either something was wrong with the calculation/display, or something hinky happened there in the last few minutes.

  • Considering the offer was over in less than 2.5 hours, your 3 hours trying seems unlikely.

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