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  • conductor crimp widths : 1.41mm and 1.56mm for the TWO position crimper. AND 1.69mm, 1.93mm and 2.18mm for the THREE position crimper. I did not measure the strain relief crimp widths.

    For comparison, using the same method for the PA-09, I get 0.99mm, 1.41mm, 1.53mm, and 1.86mm for dies nominally "1.0mm", "1.4mm", "1.6mm" and "1.9mm" respectively

    I used my best caliper measuring technique, but the "inside" prongs on hand calipers are notoriously lacking in accuracy, and I don't have a set of precision gauges.


  • Just received these today, a few days after receiving two other crimpers from Pololu.

    The Pololu crimpers http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1929 $29.95 and http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1928 $34.95 have a better build quality and a more advanced ratcheting mechanism, as well as being designed to crimp both the conductor and strain relief in one pass.

    photos: http://johnpilgrim.net/reference/crimper.htm

  • Did I miss something or did the price just jump up?

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