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  • I'm happy to report that after getting my Uno dusted off and following the great tutorial from Alasdair Allan here: I was able to flash a bootloader to my microview and can now upload sketches. This is a fun device, thanks to the team and community for this great kickstarter. =D

  • I received my MicroView/programmer this week and I must say that the unit itself is very slick and looks fantastic, also the fast response from the dev team on these boot loader problems has been admirable; they set an example for great customer service when things go wrong. That said, I am having problems beyond verifying if I can upload a sketch. Right now using the recommended codebender start up the device cannot be found after installing the FTDI drivers, but my MicroView also does not enter into the demo mode after attaching it to my USB port. I get the Sparkfun logo displayed but that is all, the unit does not proceed to step through the various demo sequences as I would expect. I haven't seen any information regarding this particular issue yet, does anyone else have any insight into why I am not seeing the demo? Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  • Having done automated titration in a professional endeavor I would say you are better off using a syringe pump. The problem with peristaltics is the min dose size is proportional to the fin widths inside the pump. (Don't know the term for the fin things, sorry I'm SW/ECE not ME.) Anyway, it's easier to get exact milliliter dosing with a servo- or linear drive-controlled syringe in my experience. Although I'm sure someone can correct me. :)

  • The goggles, they do nothing!

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