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  • Just flip the cookie (or whatever) over before baking (or curing, or whatever)...

  • I have a 140 Watt (at full load) CPU that I would like to cool with this. Since this device disipate about 100W, is it possible to stck 2 of the to get above the required 140 watts of dissipation? This would ofcourse be heat-sinked with a typical CPU sink and fan which would also have to be rated at around 200 watts of dissipation. My goal is to get a CPU running at below ambient temperature. (but not too much as I don't want condensation forming.) Does this idea seem possible?

  • I had a 35 watt module rescued from an old 6 pack soda / beer cooler, and used a candle to drive a 5 volt fan. If you heat sink / ice one side and heat the other, you can get enough power to do small jobs. If you did not get the LED to light, you may have had issues with how the led was connected or, the module was bad. I can definitely verify that you can do something with this. I used mine to have scented candles where the scent was pushed around by the fan, no batteries required.

  • Control panel server seems to be down. Get tired of the light flickering on and off so much?? Or, maybe your dyndns account didn't update properly?

  • Very cool! Is it possible though, to use any Sparkfun gift card Funds at Ponoko? Or, perhaps, buy a Ponoko gift card from SF with our SF gift card funds?

  • I don't suppose it would be possible to use Gift Card balances from Sparkfun at Ponoko, would it?

  • Did anyone else take the "Lean" measurement to mean fuel / oxygen mixture?? L for lean and R for rich??