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Dan P.

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  • That's awesome. I'll have to look into that... and a 3D printer as well. Too bad 3D printers aren't covered by HSAs... yet. In all seriousness, if I can get my hands on a printer, I'll take this design into consideration.

  • Alan Thicke has nothing on this version of Chip

  • Wow. I'm not even quite sure now to process that. That's incredible. I dont think there is a PM capability but feel free to reach out to me at danielmpries@gmail.com.

  • Titans of industry? Nailed it!

  • FYI, can we just have an option to change the background color to #900? The rest of the page is in containers so just changing the background-color of the body tag is all that's needed. It really makes viewing the site much easier on the eyes. I'm a huge fan of minimalism but its just too much white.

  • Can you guys do one of those Indiana Jones style map animations of the places you've been?

  • That's pretty rad. Unfortunately we just got the bill for his latest arm so projects are going on hold for a while but I'll definitely be touch and following your progress.

  • My son has a myoelectric left arm that has electrodes that don't need pads to be replaced. I'm building a bunch of stuff for him (like a ShapeOko CNC) to start building his own arms and other useful life enabling tools that are more cost effective. His current arm takes up $30k+ of my health benefits each year. The option to have an homebrew arm that doesn't require replacement pads would be a huge plus. Something to consider for the future.

  • Inventables.com has them in 5mm and 1.4 bore. My wife got me a shapeoko so I got the standard 5mm and ordered the 1/4" bore a week later. I just mounted them yesterday. They also sell the matching timing belts.

  • we ordered fuses, we got fuzes. Oh well, lets first this puppy up.