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  • That does not matter - if it was disclosed, it is a disclosure, even if it was deleted.
    Acknowledging the disclosure with a deletion notice is pretty funny!

  • I'm interested in connecting a remote terminal to linux using a bluesmirf on the remote serial terminal, and one of these at the PC end.
    Does anyone have, or can point me to, directions for how to set up a bluetooth serial link using this at the linux PC end?
    I have tried searching and gotten nowhere. I'm no linux expert.

  • Seems that, after reading comments, you have to understand that your browser needs to be adjusted to tolerate the delays.
    So, to do well on free day you have to understand how browsers work under long delays! Free day rewards the subset of customers who knew that.
    That should be in the instructions frankly. Would have had the following benefits
    * fairness for all
    * reduction in time wasted by customers.
    Fun times, live and learn.

  • At the end of the day, it is just not fun to try and know it will be a failure. I won't do this next year. Given how many times I tried and failed to get even to the cart let alone the quiz, it is just too frustrating to be worth the time and distraction.
    Kudos for doing it at all though. It is generous.
    Using the net is just the wrong approach. How about using the old "telephone operators are standing by"!
    At least then if you get a line in, you get the goodies.

  • Hi everyone.
    I'm laying out a board to carry the RN42. The RN41 has 3 extra pads where the antenna would have been connected/grounded. Are they an issue for RN42?
    Does anyone have an updated eagle device for the RN42?

  • uh. I mean CTS/RTS. too early in the AM to be thinking clearly.....

  • Hi All,
    Can anyone confirm for me that CSR/DSR hardware flow control is known to work on these modules? In my application, I have a very small receive buffer, so I must be able to flow off the output of the local bluetooth module so I don't overrun.
    There are quite a few modules out there that look very similar, yet none of them seem to indicate that flow control is working. A lot of them reference standard schematics with flow control not used.
    I'm happy to pay the extra $$ for a module that is of higher quality and known to be fully functional, as opposed to getting a module from China directly with unknown performance.

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