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  • I carry a grudge pretty well. Since I missed my Free Day benefits by a matter of seconds, I shall point out the following:
    Microcontoller != Microcontroller

  • eewestcoaster++

  • I accept your apology on behalf of SF. For an unemployed guy, you're oddly uplifting. Thanks.

  • I was resetting my password and when I got it done, FreeDay was over!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!! Two years in a row of being a freakin' loser!!!! Let lightning come down and strike me now for the extent of suckage taking place at this very moment!!!!

  • Can someone recommend an antenna with a shorter cable. I would like an antenna that DOES NOT have an LNA built in, as the one I want has one built in: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9133

  • I assume I can place this on a board where the antenna line goes out to an SMA connector for any antenna I want. Let's assume I connect a standard quarter wave monopole (ducky) antenna to this connector and crank it up to full power (+20dBm). Assuming line of sight, what does this (order of magnitude) translate to in terms of range? <br />
    <br />
    A comparable device is the Atmel AT86RF212 at 900MHz. The Atmel part has a max tx power of +10dBm and has receive sensitivity down to -110dBm. Meshnetics claims they verified its functionality at 6km (assuming a directional antenna was used). <br />
    <br />
    Can we extrapolate that this device can do better than that based strictly on tx power, receive sensitivity and band (900MHz)?

  • Overwhelmed with joy! :)

  • What gives? Show us the front of the cone!

  • The sacrifices we make to be nerds sometimes has a pernicious effect on our social lives.

  • I have always had the understanding that the name SparkFun was derived from two ideas:
    One: Through the "open" nature of the company, ideas can be shared. The creativity of individual contributors can "Spark" the imagination. Examples can spark creativity or spark new ideas based on existing ideas.
    Two: The whole process of looking at what others have done is exciting. All these little sensors and communication modules and let's face it, nerd toys, are really cool. So the process of creating new projects based on what we find here at SparkFun is FUN!
    Enter Spark -> Fun ---> SparkFun!

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