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Country: United States

  • When you disconnect the motor the connector contacts "bounce" a few times (research contact bounce on google). So the motor actually disconnects and reconnects a few times at a micro/millisecond rate. Hence the high voltage from the decaying field can get back to the circuit.

  • These units operate under part 15.231 of the FCC regs which authorizes Intermittent Control Signals and/or Periodic Transmissions from 410 to 512 MHz. Shared usage is not unusual on many of the ham bands. Read the regs.
    Rye K9LCJ

  • It did its first cold start acquisition from my bench top in under 30 seconds. My trusty old Garmin takes forever to lock up from the same location. The little LED indicator is really helpful too.
    The Serial interface is not RS232. It is TTL level and inverted from normal RS232. The serial signal is 8 bits, no parity and one stop bit. Or at least that's what works for me.

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