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  • Just to be clear, does this think work on OS X 10.6? I'm seeing some "yes"s here and "no"s elsewhere...
    Also, does this thing support the whole AVRISP command set? The reason I need a dedicated ISP is because ArduinoISP doesn't support the commands AVRdude uses to tell the programmer to "slow down" for micros running at low frequencies. Does this thing have low frequency support?

  • first, how do you know that the questions will be simple? Second, if the questions will be like that, can't we just look up the answers on the internet during the quiz? Lol.

  • Hey guys-<br />
    my first order was january 12, this year. Do I get the $10 credit?<br />
    <br />
    Also, do I automatically get it or do I have to claim it on free day or something?<br />
    <br />

  • At the moment, 4g refers to fully ip based packet-switched communications... there's no set radio standard. It probably won't have full hardware-side support, but a large portion of 4g is software.

  • I'm pretty sure the iphone 4 supports 4g... most phones produced right now do, they want them to be ready for when they finally roll out 4g networks. And calling it the iphone 4g is valid, for "fourth gen iphone". Just being nitpicky as well :D and it would be nice if they made an app like this where it picked out commonly available resistor values (like 330 ohms vs 327) that would be more useful, especially if you can already do the math.

  • "arduinio"
    that said, very cool!

  • When I was younger (about 9 years old) with my boxes of resistors, diodes, transistors and caps I would go online to find some projects I could do. It seemed to me like I was ALWAYS missing at least one frustrating part, no matter how hard I tried to stock up. It made me stop messing with electronics for a year or two. Of course now, I can use micros and that simplifies the process a lot, but something like that would still be great. It would also be a great way to turn leftover parts into products.

  • It's gonna take a lot of work to get even close to what the video is talking about. But if they can get there, it might be like the wikipedia of micros.

  • On that note, airbags?

  • No firecrackers or guns... Bummer. Are there restrictions on which power sources we can use? :D there are more than one ways to create an explosion.

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