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  • DougL,
    As a commenter you've proven to the world that
    1) You have no idea how an e-commerce site works.
    2) No idea the cost involved in scaling to meet demand for one small moment of a site's entire existence.
    3) You aren't owed a $100 discount on the $170 order like you said. But what you didn't do was actually bother to read anything about freeday and then have the balls to complain that you were ignorant on how it worked. That is not honesty.
    You represented this all along as a first-commenter who understood how freeday worked but had obviously never bothered to read any of SparkFun's postings on how it would work.
    Shame on you.

  • I find one thing funny about all this: So many people complain that the components are just going to be resold. I have yet once to see any post about anyone doing such a thing on any of the boards I read. Yet it is the assumed fate for free day items for people who unfortunately didn't get in.

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