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  • Not sure if this thread is still very active, but i was wondering how you might turn the inputs to a digital on/off signal? I've been working on building a rc car for a while now, and have decided to run the lights for it via the arduino and leave the steering and forward/ backward motion to a motor controller (the servo for steering can plug directly into the receiver). I'm using a rc controller for a quad copter so i have extra channels ( 2 aux if i don't use the side ways functions on the joysticks). I'm ting to turn on neopixles under the car from 1 channel, and from the other channel headlights/ tail lights, but, (I can't figure out how to get the arduino to reliably interpret the pwm signal as an on/off signal.

    The reason i'm not running the whole thing with an arduino is because i need to run the wheel motors on 12V 3A and couldn't find a good way to do that without using a relay and having the motors full on or full off, and i couldn't figure out the interrupt pins to turn the aux functions on at any time.

    Any advise? it would be greatly appreciated.

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