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  • It was fun to stay up late window shopping the last few days. The sensation was fun, free stuff or not. Turns out more free came anyway as it reminded me of a box of stuff someone dumped off cleaning out storage. Inspired, I found more than $100 free stuff there :-)
    Order placed tonight while disappointed by network performance on free day. The summary about how good it was is over the top/insensitive to a lot of people - bit of denial about the client viewpoint. At 5pm CST, no connect!? Good?!
    Get stoked about the reception, but "do something for others"? Set a "free" limit of 25 or 50 to spread it around?
    How many winners didn't cart up a 100 to keep room for more to get a bit? The ebay generation goes for big free. IDK. It was cool, but less giddy gloss would be nice too. Maybe that'll happen tomorrow when the champagne wears off and adrenalin stops pumping. In the end, it was cool even with the negative currents swirling all over it. Good on ya. Better next time?

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