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  • you really shouldn’t be bothered by the comment since it is sounding to me like you got free stuff, sparkfun needs to know the aftermath of their decision and will need to suffer the repercussions of their actions from lost customers, we are allowed our opinions

  • I’m going to have to agree with them, you have now put yourself in a position where people including myself don’t want to come back, when you heard about free day in that book you read or whatever it meant promotional products such as shirts, cups, pens, promotional. That would of gotten your name out there, rather than give product away which to tell you the truth pissed a ton of people off and put them in a position where they can and most likely will never return to sparkfun for being treated like crap. Never try this again. The only reason i will return if i ever will is to get Arduino stuff, maybe

  • well… i apparently wasn’t the only one in my school that knew about this, there was such a large number of students on sparkfun the schools internet server went down due to overload. Sad :( well anyways congrats on keeping yourself running maybe next upgrade is to the Apple X-Serve? It works great for my video editing class, loads of bandwidth, don’t crash maybe they’re not a bad option

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